The dirt option is for experienced mountain bike riders with high quality, well serviced bikes, and will challenge the most hardy of skilled riders with long, corrugated and sometimes sandy and dusty terrain. It is impossible to ride dirt the entire way, and we do our best to maximise dirt time.

The premise upheld by the dirt riders is enjoyment, and the shared passion of seeing remote, untouched places. On any day, our permits run from 7am to 5pm, and we are not allowed to ride outside these hours.

Some of the dirt sections are upwards of 140km, which is a massive distance to cover cross-country. On occasions the ride must traverse bitumen sections between dirt roads. We often have to transport between the overnight camp and the start of the day's ride, and similarly, at times during the day.

The Dirt Riders will present as a united voice, and that at any stage during the day, if the consensus amongst the group to opt to transport, then this is what will happen. We do not ride in packs, however, will all stop together at designated places en-route ( usually every 30-40 minutes or as required).

Our support vehicles carry the navigation gear, spares, food and drink, and ultimately, makes the final decisions on the group's movements.

Standard Minimum Equipment:

Email Mark Allen or phone Llew Davies on M: 0419441500
for more information about the dirt ride.

Day 1

Cairns to Dimbulah

  • Cairns to Kuranda, via the Kuranda Range Road
  • Kuranda to Koah Service Station - Palm Valley Road
  • Palm Valley Road to Barron River - QR Access Road - Bibhoora
  • Bibhoora to Mareeba for Lunch
    Mareeba to Dimbulah via Skybury
Day 2

Dimbulah to
Mt Garnet

  • Transport Dimbulah to historic Lappa Junction Railway Siding - 40km
  • Ride Lappa Junction to Mt Garnet across historic railway line track - 70km
  • Mt Garnet to Camp grounds ? 8km
Day 3

Mt Garnet to Mt Surprise

  • Transport 16km Mt Garnet to Savannah Way dirt section
  • Ride Savannah Way dirt route 112km through Station properties - avoiding the mine transport trucks
  • Savannah Route dirt to Mt Surprise 16km
Day 4

Mt Surprise to Georgetown

  • Transport to Mt Surprise Station turnoff
  • Dirt through Junction Creek to the Einasleigh River 40km
  • Transport to lunch at the Newcastle Range lookout, ride bitumen to town ??
Day 5

Georgetown to Croydon

  • Transport to Mt Turner turnoff
  • Dirt to Mt Turner Station 38km loop / Tonks Camp to Forest Home Homestead
  • Lunch at Gilbert River
    Ride 13km to Inorunie St turnoff then 20km to homestead and loop back to highway
  • Transport to Croydon
Day 6

Croydon to Normanton

  • Ride across Dam Wall onto road to Tabletop Station to check out old cemetery and other historical relics from Gold mine era.
  • Loop back to highway. 50km
  • Transport to Shady Lagoons turnoff 70km
  • Dirt through Shady Lagoons station and loop back to Normanton. 34km
Day 7

Normanton to Karumba

  • Ride the bitumen to Karumba